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Doing Something Different

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I did something I had never done before today. It was amazing… I flew in a helicopter!

Last Christmas we decided that rather than buying a lot of gifts that might be unwanted, we would buy experiences for both sets of our parents, and some of our gifts to each other were also things we thought the others would like to do. Funnily enough, my Mum and Dad also bought us experiences, so all in all we had a lot of things lined up for the year. Then of course came Corona Virus! The dates we had booked got closer and I thought we might miss out.

Barn was hoping to do the Hangloose Adventure Experience at Eden, which consists of huge zip wires and giant swings, but unfortunately, that has been postponed. Lee and I have a break away booked later on in the year, so I hope we can get to that, and Joe hasn’t even booked his experience driving a Mustang yet!

Katie and I had a helicopter flight. It was booked for the 1st August, which was so far in the future that I didn’t worry. I didn’t even think about it until last week, when I had a confirmation email, that it was going ahead, dependent on the weather. That was when I started to worry. Not so much about the flight itself, but more about the logistics, getting there, the roads, whether I’d get up in time, whether there would be toilets nearby! The list of things I can find to worry about can go on some time! In fact, mid-week, I almost hoped it would be cancelled, as that would stop me worrying. I hate feeling like that, because I don’t want to miss out, it’s just a bit of a safety mechanism for me. It’s always easier not to.

I tried to put the worries to one side and focus on the fact that I didn’t have to do it, and that what will be will be, so to speak and for once it seemed to work. I can’t say I wasn’t a little nervous in the car, but I didn’t have a panic attack, so I am definitely better than I was a few months ago. That’s one thing about my anxiety, I feel so much better, but in reality, I don’t challenge myself too much at the moment either, and haven’t done really since lockdown. So I guess, as I start to do things more often, it’s going to be a bit more difficult, but I now see, just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean I don’t have to do it.

The organisers had put lots of safety measures in place, and there were only four of us in the helicopter, along with the pilot. Although we weren’t socially distanced, everyone had masks on, and everything was cleaned down in between flights. They even checked our temperatures before we were allowed to board.

Helicopter helicopter 2 St Ives flying Claire Hatwell recovery blog My Not So Secret Diary - writing, addiction, alcohol abuse, mental health Cornwall
Although it was a small helicopter, it was very windy standing so close, but again, it was something that added to the experience. We buckled in, and then we were off. I’d chosen St Ives because it was the closest place to us, but also a very beautiful one. The coast looked almost mediterranean as we flew over, the sea so blue and the sand so white. It was much smoother than I expected too, and although it was too noisy to talk, and hard to see what the other was thinking due to the masks, we had a really lovely time.

It’s too easy not to do something because it is hard. I find it much harder to push myself to do something out of my comfort zone, but especially in this instance, I am very glad I did.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Much love,
Claire x