My Not So Secret Diary


You know that moment when you see something and it just really annoys you…? Well I saw this the other day in a magazine. I totally understand that some people ‘enjoy a nice drink’ and that others can ‘drink responsibly’. I hate that term, I don’t see why we should label people as responsible or not when it comes to drinking. Sometimes, we can’t be as responsible as we’d like because we are suffering from addictions. But, I’m getting off the point.

I don’t read many magazines, but I like this one. I like the articles, I like reading it, but I was so disappointed while reading it last month. It was intended innocently enough I believe, only an article about home made lollies. It’s been hot, so who doesn’t love a lolly? I was skimming through when I saw next to the photo, “If you want to make them even more grown-up, you could add a cheeky shot of gin.”

I’m not sure what to think? Are they telling me I am not a grown up because I don’t drink? That I should drink to be a grown up? Or that I can’t enjoy a lolly as an adult without it having alcohol in it? Why is this magazine, which is supposed to be about enjoying a simpler life just reinforcing the idea our society has that we need alcohol? Because we don’t. Like I said before, I do understand that a lot of people enjoy a drink, and that’s fine, but as I know, there is a fine line between enjoying and becoming reliant. I don’t think magazines which ultimately are in a position of power to influence the public should be reinforcing a need to drink. They wouldn’t condone smoking, and really the two aren’t so dissimilar, are they? Both are addictive, and both are linked to a lot of health conditions, so why does alcohol get the seal of approval?

It’s frustrating for me to see things like this after all this time, but it doesn’t make me want to drink. It just makes me cross. However, I do know how it would have affected me a while back, and I really feel for those of us who pick up an innocent magazine, and are once more bombarded with reminders of how they are missing out.

I hope things change and others begin to cotton on to the fact that we aren’t missing out, that it’s okay to live without alcohol. Actually it’s more than okay. I just wish everyone else saw that.

Thanks for reading.
Claire xx