My Not So Secret Diary

Sunday Morning Gratitude

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Once upon a time I didn’t really think about how lucky I was to have all the things I do. I wasn’t ungrateful, maybe just a little complacent. The thing is, that when you struggle to get through something as challenging as recovery and emerge into the world as a newly sober butterfly, things feel different. At least they did to me. Now I am grateful for so much, and when you stop to write them down, it seems so much more. It’s not always the ‘big’ things either, the small things make just as much difference to me.

Here’s a few of the things I am grateful for today.

• My family, my husband and our four kids, even though they try my patience sometimes. I think that’s natural, and my response is better now.
• For the opportunity to get sober and live a healthier life.
• For being present in each and every moment.
• I’m grateful for my ability to be there when I need to be for whoever needs me whenever they need me. A prime example of this was when my Dad was poorly. It didn’t matter what time I needed to do something, alcohol was not a factor in my ability to help.
• I’m grateful for being able to build genuine relationships with people, rather than pretending to be someone else.
• To be able to share my story, knowing it will help someone who is where I was.
• Enjoying the moments as they happen, rather than trying to fast forward my way through the day, until the time I allowed myself to drink.
• All the little things. Patience. Time. Freedom. Happiness.

My life has changed in so many ways since I got sober. I’m the same person, just a genuinely better version. I’m stronger, happier and more relaxed, and if that is all I get from sobriety then it’s worth it, but it isn’t, there is so much more.

What are you grateful for today?

Much love,
Claire xx