My Not So Secret Diary


Appearances, Sober author and blogger Claire Hatwell, in Rock Cornwall wild swimming
We put so much value on how someone looks, and I don’t mean appearance, I mean how they act and behave. I’d like to say I’m not judgemental, but I still make assumptions about how someone might be based on the way they are. For a long time no one would ever have imagined I had a drinking problem because I hid it so well behind my mask…
No one really knows whats going on for anyone else, even when we’re well meaning, we can get it wrong. We’re people after all. I assume other people don’t have faults, and imagine I’m the only one, but likewise, I forget sometimes that other people have worries too, often I’m so caught up in my own that I forget. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m bad, I’m just a person too.
We spend so much time being kind to other people, and thinking about them, don’t forget to be kind to yourselves too!