My Not So Secret Diary


BoardMasters, my son Barn Hatwell off to his festival, books by Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret Recovery, My Not so secret guide to recovering and the road to recovery. Sober Blogger in Cornwall
There’s a fine balance between letting your kids grow up and pushing them. I’m constantly trying to get it right, and even with four kids, I get it wrong sometimes, because they are all so different. Today I took my 17 year old (my second youngest) to @boardmasters - I want him to have a good time, but man, am I worried about him already! He’s meeting his friends, if he can find them in the crowd… I’m sure he’ll be fine, but in this heat, it’s even worse! It doesn’t get easier as they get older. The one good thing is I know if he needs me over the weekend, I’ll be able to get there straight away, being alcohol free does come with a lot of benefits!