My Not So Secret Diary

Dear Drinkers

Dear Drinkers it's my choice to be alcohol free and it's so good to live a sober life Sober author and blogger Claire Hatwell
So good I had to repost!
Thanks @sassysobermum

Why aren’t you drinking? How long are you stopping for? Can’t you just have one when you’re out? Did you have a problem then? Go on, just have a drink. What will you do for fun now? I could never stop. Don’t you think you’re being a bit over the top? Just have a break from it. Reset yourself and then come back to it. Do you think this is forever then? I’ve cut down massively actually. I can easily drive on a night out if I want to. Why would you stop completely? Just save it for special occasions. Surely you will be drinking at my wedding/birthday/hen do/Christmas? Being sober wouldn’t be for me. I love drinking too much. Are you still doing that thing where you don’t drink then? How’s not drinking going - bored yet? Can I get you a proper drink? Go on, have a wine with me. Just for old times sake. I miss drinking you. You’re so boring now. Surely you’ve proved you can control it now. Why don’t you just have one and then drive home? Are you pregnant? Why don’t you just moderate?
Can I just not bloody drink and it be ok
Remember folks, peoples reactions to you not drinking reflects their own relationship with alcohol and not yours.
Those that squawk the loudest tend to be the biggest (and most problematic) drinkers.
Keep your resolve.
Have a lovely day all