My Not So Secret Diary

Last Night

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It’s nights like last night that make me remember the true reason I love being sober.

We avoided the heat of the day and went down to the beach after work, around 7pm. We built sandcastles and swam in the sea as the sun went down, not all of us, just me, my husband and two of our four kids. We talked and laughed. Around 10pm we made our way back to the car, because it was getting dark, and the midges were beginning to bite, not because I wanted a drink. We came home and ate a very late dinner, and then went to bed. I was relaxed, I didn’t ruin the night because I wanted to drink or because I had got drunk. I remember everything, the coldness of the water, the sand between my toes, and how happy I am to be with my family. Nothing gets in the way anymore. There’s no panic over what I might have said, or might have done, because I was 100% there. I’ve said it before, but the simple things matter so much more now, because I slow down long enough to see them.

Have a great day, where ever you are!