My Not So Secret Diary


Stories a blog about alcoholism and recovery called My Not So Secret Diary by Claire Hatwell who lives in Cornwall
Stories are made to be told. It doesn't matter if they're told by word of mouth, in books, if they’re new or old, each has a reason, a lesson to teach us or something for us to gain.

Even the simplest stories have a reason, a purpose if you will. Seldom is a story told for simple enjoyment, although of course that features too.

They're a way of passing our knowledge, experiences and understanding down to others
and connecting.

While we can't learn from the experiences of others or expect people to learn from ours, we can try to take on board this additional information and use it to our advantage.

I share my stories with you for the same reason. I learn about myself through writing.
I unpick and work out things I hadn't considered before and by sharing it, I hope it helps others.

I’ve learned a lot from the experiences of others too. Of course they couldn't fix things for me, but they made me feel less alone and more understood. Of course, at the end of it all, it showed me that there was hope.

Stories connect us, they help us find like minded people, in my case, a sober tribe of warriors who have challenged not only their own demons but also the expectations of society. Not only that but they're found a better happier way to live too.

It’s tricky trying something new, working yourself out and finding out where you fit in the world when it hasn't changed, but you have. Connecting helps. It doesn't always have to be in person, the written word can be powerful and is a great tool for recovery.

So share your stories. Listen to others and learn. Who knows what you might find out?

Take care,
Claire xxx