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The Culture We Live In

The Culture We Live In
I saw an article recently about "Mom wine culture”. It's something I for one really struggle with. Here's why
• It teaches us to drown our problems, rather than deal with them.
• It makes light of alcoholism. By that I mean that it gives people like me an excuse to drink because 'everyone' does and it encourages others to doubt whether we are 'really that bad' because again, everyone else does it!
• It teaches us, and by default the people we live with, that alcohol is the answer, and the way to deal with our problems.
• It's a form of self-medication and we can come to rely on it, but by doing so it can stop us identifying that we might actually need other help.
• It can make us feel we have no other choices, that we have little hope.

I know a lot of it is intended as fun, but for me at least, it feels hard to go against the normality of posts that encourage and make light of drinking.
I actually had a bit of a disagreement with someone fairly close to me about this subject. She felt there was no harm in ‘fun’ posts like that and people should be able to think responsibly. They were her actual words to my someone who can’t drink responsibly, whatever the hell that stupid term actually means! She even went on to explain how one of her parents had been an alcoholic and had an illness, implying that I was somehow different.

It’s strange how drinking to excess can be seen as different when different lifestyles are taken into account. For example as a working parent, I ‘deserved' a glass of wine at the end of the day. It was a socially acceptable thing to do. Perfectly normal you might say, to down a bottle or more of wine at home by yourself, but if I was outside, maybe on a park bench it's frowned upon. I get that the circumstances are different to a certain extent and yet they're not. I was probably doing more harm to my body than a lot of heavy drinkers but somehow society approved of my perceived actions because I'd earned it? It's a funny old thing to get your head around!

So when I see memes pop up in my news feed it makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s not because it makes me want to drink, or makes me feel I’m missing out, because honestly I don't feel that way. Rather, it makes me feel for the people who are where I was. I hate that these jokes and comments make it hard for some, because I know what a struggle it is. Although as I've said before its a very worthwhile challenge. One I will never regret!

Thank you as always for reading!
Claire x