My Not So Secret Diary

Sober Friday

snowAnother sober Friday night. We enjoyed late night shopping and the street entertainment as well as some nice food. I didn’t want to be anywhere else, and didn’t feel a rush to get home. These are the special moments, and I am so grateful I get to enjoy them more now.

Exciting News

Book RevealWell this is a little bit exciting… My new book will be out on the 31st December but will be available soon for pre-order! .Don’t forget my first book is available for 99p on Kindle download, but only for this week so get it quick!

You are Stronger than You Know

SayingRemember this when you are doubting yourself or thinking what you are doing isn’t enough. Every day that you stay sober is amazing!


InspirationSo beautifully put… this sums up everything I think about alcohol.

Feeling Proud

Slimming WorldI’m feeling a bit proud of myself today! Two weeks ago I started Slimming World - I’ve never been one for groups -I find people intimidating, and yet this is different. It’s not a diet, it’s more of a reminder to eat healthily and I’m the one who benefits! I’ve actually rediscovered a love of cooking, and I’m really enjoying eating better and not snacking on all the stuff I’ve allowed myself because it’s better than wine! I’d post photos of the food I cool but my presentation needs a little work!