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What It's All About

Christmas on the Polar Express, Claire Hatwell sober author, sober blogger, sober coach, Cornwall, sobriety
This is what Christmas is all about. Not the food or the drink, although admittedly, the food is nice, but the magic. Taking our five year old on The Polar Express was one of the most magical things I’ve intentionally done at Christmas and it was brilliant. I know they say that instagram only provides a snapshot of people’s lives, but this is the snapshot I want to remember. No worries, no stress, just a happy little boy enjoying the magic of Christmas with us.


Woodburner, fire, Victorian home, Claire Hatwell author and sober blogger, My Not So Secret Recovery, My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering.
The clocks changed this week. That was always a trigger for me. The dark evenings gave me an excuse to open a bottle of wine a little bit earlier, as if the darkness meant it was later. It's different now. I don't spend my time drowning out my feelings, instead I'm present. I enjoy simple things, the nightly habit of building a fire in the log burner, making sure the wood is positioned right to catch, and watching it slowly burn. It needs concentration, and attention. Before I wouldn't have had either. Sometimes it's the simple things.