My Not So Secret Diary

The Fragility of Life

The Fragility of Life Stanley Hatwell my little boy covid 19 lockdown in cornwall writing for my blog my not so secret diary
What a year last year was! Who could ever have predicted at the beginning of the 2020 what a bumpy ride we’d be in for? But we had good points too, spending time together, getting to know people we live near that we wouldn't normally chat with, getting to help people…

For me, I enjoyed the slower pace of life that lockdowns have enforced. I've enjoyed making time for the simple things. But, times have been trying too. We haven't been able to connect. We've been kept apart from those we love and care about. We haven't even been able to visit our loved ones in hospitals. It's difficult when we live some distance from our family when it's not just counties dividing us, but tiers too. When we hear someone is in hospital we are powerless. We can't see them and even if we could get close we wouldn't be allowed in. It’s for our protection too though isn't it? Most of us do understand the reasons for the distance - we know we're protecting ourselves and our families by following the rules, but that doesn't mean it feels any better.

We had some bad news recently. We're lucky in a lot of ways because we have a lot of older or 'at risk' people in our family and so far we've been okay. We’ve counted ourselves lucky and kept as safe as we could. Recently however, things have changed and several (younger) members of our extended family have contracted the virus. They all seem to be on the mend but then both of my husband’s Grandads fell ill and ended up in the hospital. One contracted Covid-19 while he was there. He did seem to be improving but I guess with these sorts of diseases, you never really know what's around the corner.

It got me thinking really, when you see it happen in front you, you realise just how fragile life is. How can it be that people who were 'fine' and relatively well a week or so ago are now needing ventilators? It's frightening how quickly this disease moves and how fast things change. It’s unbelievable to think that someone who was with us is no longer there and we can't even see them to say goodbye. At the end of this long and challenging life, they just slip away.

It’s so sad, but it also makes me think just how lucky we are. I know things are difficult at the moment. Everything is hard, whether you are young or old. I really feel for the kids who are still trying their hardest to learn but have lost the structure of school. But... just think of all the things we can do, even if we're in Lockdown. I'm sure all of us could find at least one thing we can be grateful for. Even during hard times I try to remember that, to remind myself the struggles usually have a reward and that, "Rainbows often follow storms.”

Especially now, but always I think we need to remember to be grateful for what and who we have and to take care of them, and ourselves.

Much love,
Claire xx