My Not So Secret Diary

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Be Kind

Be KindWhen I was drinking, very few people knew what a dark place I was in. Honestly, they didn’t know because I became pretty damn good at hiding it. I was ashamed, but also I knew that when I finally admitted it, I’d have to do something about it. That thought alone was terrifying, so instead I put my walls up and kept people at a distance. It was an awful way to live and no one knew how I felt because I didn’t trust anyone enough not to judge me. Letting people in was hard, but you know what? Largely they were all kind, and most didn’t judge. I found there were many, many other people out there like me and realising that helped me a lot!! Gradually the shame faded and I got better.So be kind. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, or out of sight? We are all different and doing our best to make our way in the world. Just because someone looks okay, doesn’t mean they are and if you need help, reach out.