My Not So Secret Diary

The Apprentice

apprenticeJust watching The Apprentice from this week… what an interesting task the candidates were given this week, to make non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a shame none of them were that appealing but nice to see something like that being tackled! Well done Lord Sugar! BBC Apprentice ..#Repost from BBC Apprentice•No green and brown colour combinations were harmed in the making of this episode #TheApprentice

My Books

sober booksWhether you’re sober curious or looking to make a long lasting change, now is a great time to make a start. Choosing sobriety is brave and empowering, but the best way to be successful is not to rely on willpower alone, perhaps even feeling like you’re missing out. Instead changing the way you think about alcohol and identifying the reasons why you might choose to drink will help you fill your toolbox with alternatives.My second book, My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering, is packed with useful tips, full of facts and easy to read. This book will help you navigate your way to a successful sobriety.Remember, sobriety is not a weakness, it’s a superpower - get ready to embrace it! Why wait until tomorrow?

It's not a race...

raceIt didn’t take me just one go to get sober, or two or three, come to think if it. That doesn’t really matter now, what matters is that when I did finally work it out, it finally stuck. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


SpeakThe problem with doing so much of my reading on my kindle is that I can rarely take photos of lovely books I’m reading… some books are worth making an exception like this one from Fearne Cotton - I have to admit, it has sucked me in! Here’s hoping some of the advice sticks with me!

The Broken Road to Mental Health

Podcast 2A few weeks ago I recorded this podcast with Sharon Fekete - from The Broken Road to Mental Health - it’s available now, I hope you enjoy!

Podcast 1

Prevention Australia

Prevention AustraliaRepost from @beesober.cicOur awesome Bee Sober Cornwall Ambassador & Coach @soberme_claire spreading the word around the WORLD! This article is in the Aussie edition of Prevention Magazine and we couldn’t be prouder!!Claire you are genuinely one of the most humble, loveliest people we have ever met and we are so grateful you are a part of Bee Sober. If you haven’t read Claires books yet please, please do they are incredible, she is incredible and everyone needs somebody like this in their lives!!We are the luckiest!