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book photoOkay, being honest, I love writing, but whenever I put anything out, whether it’s a blog post, an article or a book, I get nervous, so reading things like this post from the lovely @cat_on_a_leaf is just brilliant. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

#Repost from @cat_on_a_leaf

Finished reading @soberme_claire’s new book last week and loved it! It’s very easy to read, nice short chapters, and offers a huge range of information that I wished I’d had in the early days. Here’s some of my fave chapters (and pics):
- ch 5 but I’m ok aren’t I? 100% identified with so much of that in my early days
-ch 7 challenges - this is a short one but so lovely to see some advice and acknowledgement of sober challenges.
- ch 9 what you eat is super important - this was really helpful! Sure some of it I knew, but magnesium eh? if I’d known that I might have given it a go specifically, being the anxious little ferret that I am!
- ch 14 - things that worked for me. I loved the honesty in this. Some things work and others don’t for all of us and that’s ok and it’s nice to see written in a page as a reminder. Claire once recommended that I try yoga and I’ve done it occasionally but I mostly put it on now to watch the dog in it whatever works for you is ok - go for it!