My Not So Secret Diary

Sports Day

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It was sports day for my littlest today, and as I sat watching him in the field I got to thinking. Alcohol as we know is entrenched in our lives, from social events to celebrations and everything in between, but for me at least it went even further. When our older children were at primary school alcohol was involved in every school event, in fact I remember drinking PTFA supplied Pimms and lemonade at my last sports day. Every school event endorsed the whole mummy wine culture and at the time I saw nothing wrong with it. Rather, I was pleased as it enabled me. It reinforced my thoughts about drinking and let me continue pretending I was all right, as long as I didn’t look too closely at myself.
Today was different. I’m still getting to know a lot of the parents as Stanley’s only in his first year, but the whole afternoon was relaxed and happy; the kids had fun and so did the parents. There was no hiding behind glasses or drinks, we just enjoyed being. And the best bit was that there was plenty of tea to drink, and not a drop of alcohol.