My Not So Secret Diary

Friday Evening

209217111_161850925929206_653188375295303439_nThis afternoon consisted mostly of a walk to the beach along the cliff path and then a lovely swim in the sea with my little water baby. It was so warm in the water too! Then I had a little read while he had a little play. It was lovely! 206205311_161850922595873_128732191880634211_nI was feeling properly stressed out and anxious beforehand, but now feel chilled and am enjoying a cup of tea while I wait for dinner to cook. A perfect Friday night and no wine in sight! 206881457_161850929262539_2955222391258463655_nI still get anxious and stressed or whatever you want to call it, but I deal with it so much better than I used to! Happy Friday everyone! 207274405_161850932595872_7436004233204105588_n