My Not So Secret Diary

Sandy Feet

Sandy Feet 2Sandy Feet 1Last night… Just a perfect evening! 1f496 All the worries seep away with the water, which is still actually quite cold, but warm enough to have lost our gloves and socks. Peace, quiet and stillness. Perfection! 1f496

Coping Mechanisms

Coping MechanismsHow I coped with stress in the past, versus how I cope nowadays… The picture in the middle is from 2009, although it’s not special, I have so many just like that one, they all feature wine..I set off on a run to clear my frazzled mind the other day and it got me thinking about how I cope now, and I realised I definitely get more out of life nowadays! In many of my old photos, I always had a glass of wine and although I often had a smile on my face, it was frequently covering up how I felt inside. At the time, I thought wine helped wash those worries away. It didn’t, it just made them worse. Now, I’m still emotional at times; yes I get anxious, yes, I over worry, but I don’t try to push those parts of myself away, instead, I’ve found things that work for me. So yes, the person in the middle picture is me, but I prefer the person I am now, the one who deals with things rather than burying my head in the sand. Running, wild swimming and generally being outdoors give me a natural high and make me feel so much better than drinking ever did!

Red Faced Runner's Club

Red Faced Runners ClubMy face nearly matches my top!! It was rather warm on my run today!!

Last Night

Tuesday Evening 3Last night… Just a perfect evening! Tuesday Evening AdventuresTuesday Evening 2.All the worries seep away with the water, which is still actually quite cold, but warm enough to have lost our gloves and socks. Peace, quiet and stillness. Perfection!

Tuesday Evening Adventures…

Tuesday eveningA few years ago, a sunny evening would have been another excuse to drink. Now it’s a reason to get outside! Tonight we’re off to the beach for a play on the sand and a swim in the sea!


FrazzledMy least favourite place of the week… swimming lessons. I come every week because my 5 year old deserves to learn to swim and is doing well, but it’s literally my idea of hell. Cliqueyness… noise… a ball that keeps flying over my head because apparently some people feel that’s okay… I choose to sit by myself as far away from the other parents as I can… yes I’m a little bit antisocial, but I find peopling hard. The good viewing spots are always gone by the time we arrive after school, by mums who aren’t even watching their kids and my airpods can’t even drown out the noise!!

On the good side… I’m going to the beach in a minute for an evening swim. God knows my frazzled nerves are going to need it!


ExerciseI find exercise hard. I guess most people do, but at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is go out for a run. Things have been hectic lately, (I’m fine, so please don’t worry), it’s just I notice it in my mind, and as I’ve said before, I get a bit scatty. So yesterday, after a bit of a cry mid shop (as you do) I went out for a run. I was heavily encouraged by my lovely husband who seems to appreciate the effect running has on me far more than I do. I used to run every day, and back before lockdown I was running half-marathons fairly easily, and I loved it, but getting out of the habit makes it harder to restart, because comparison is a pain, and you know, I used to be faster…

So, putting my past achievements to one side, I decided to start again. I’m not running for anyone other than myself, so it doesn’t matter how fast I am or how far I go. I’m not even logging it, and I used to be religious about tracking my runs on Strava. It just takes the pressure off, and brings the joy back. I’ve found my legs remember, and as I was lapping a field, my five year old positioned in the middle of it, because his legs were tired, I remembered how fun it is to be outdoors, just running. I guess for me it’s less about exercise, and more about being outdoors. I’m the same with swimming though, I could easily go to a pool, but I prefer to be in the sea, even midwinter, because it makes me feel alive. Being out in the elements soothes me in a way nothing else does, and while a lot of that is helped through running, swimming or yoga, what really makes it work for me, is where I am.
I suppose I’m saying don’t give up, make it fun and find something you enjoy, because that is what really makes a difference.

Take care of yourselves,
Claire x

Alcohol Free Bars

CofoSo good to see a local company embracing the alcohol free options! This photo makes me so happy!! .

#Repost from @cofo_cornishfocaccia

Did you know we have a zero percent bar? We also offer a BYOB policy, with free corkage when the spend is over £25 per person

Sunday Run-day

Sunday RundaySunday run day! 1f3c3_1f3fc_200d_26401f3c3_1f3fc_200d_26401f3c3_1f3fc_200d_2640

Yes Please!

Alcohol FreeWell this alcohol free mojito was a yummy surprise! I wasn’t looking for it, but noticed it as I was shopping in Aldi this morning. Will definitely be trying some more in the range!