My Not So Secret Diary

More New Drinks

More New Drinks, mccafe, iced drinks, cold, hot day, fiat 500, purple nails, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryOkay so this one wasn’t even mine. I stole it from my daughter… but it was worth it! Strawberries and cream is not something I’d usually pick in a drink, but they’ve nailed it!

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning watching the steam train, Bodmin and Wenford Railway, mum and son, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiarySunday Morning 2Sunday Morning 3Saturday morning walk and bike ride 1f6b4_1f3fb_200d_2642Hid under the trees to avoid the rain 1f3331f326Found a steam train, much to Stanley’s delight 1f682 The simple things mean so much to me!




My Book

@soberme_claire Sober stories helped me so much in my recovery, they made me feel less alone and more understood. That’s why I tell my story, to inspire others. Hearing that it’s been enjoyed makes me feel great!! #sober #soberlife #sobercurious #soberaf #soberliving #sobermovement #soberlifestyle #sobernation #sobercommunity #sobertribe #soberquotes #soberjourney #sobermotivation #soberisbetter #sobriety #sobrietyjourney #booktok #authorsoftiktok #sobrietyisbeautiful #sobrietyrules #soberauthor #writersoftiktok ♬ Relaxing song to shine on the beach in the evening - KOU MUSIC" href="">♬ Relaxing song to shine on the beach in the evening - KOU MUSIC

Social Media

Social MediaWow! I saw this post and it made me remember… There is not one bit of me that enjoyed the way I felt when I realised I’d posted something or texted something that I thought was so funny at the time! Of course, then the next morning there would always be the fear as I rapidly tried to delete the evidence. Even now, I see posts in my memories that I have to delete because I hate to remember… but I can’t change it, and beating myself up won’t make it any better. Going forward things are definitely better.

New Drinks

YumTrying fabulous new cold drinks on hot days could definitely become a thing for me, but you know, why the hell not?

Sober Girl Book Club

Sober Girl Book ClubI love talking to book clubs, and I love seeing my book pop up in different places as people read it! Really looking forward to Sunday @sobergirlbookclub .Repost from @sobergirlbookclub•Beach lounging with June’s book! Who is ready for book club this Sunday?!

Little Treats

Little TreatsDid I need it? Probably not. Did I want it? Yes because there is always room in my life for another book, especially one about wild swimming! Nowadays, I really like being able to treat myself with things that actually matter and that I enjoy! It’s far better than wasting money on wine! .But I shouldn’t be allowed near book shops!!


Yum 1Yum! I had myself a mango and passionfruit cooler as a little treat today. Great refreshing taste, alcohol free, no headaches, no regrets… definitely feel like I’m winning!

Author Spotlight

Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryAuthor Spotlight .Claire Hatwell ( @soberme_claire ) , author of this months book ‘My Not So Secret Recovery’, tells us a little about herself: I always felt like I was the fun one, until one day I wasn’t anymore. Drinking had become such an important part of my life that I struggled to see the point without it, but I always kidded myself I was all right because I didn’t fit the stereotype of an alcoholic. I had a good job, my kids were happy, but every night, I washed all my anxiety away with three bottles of wine. No one can keep going like that forever, although I tried. Things threatened to come crashing down around me, and I realised I needed to change.

My attempts at sobriety weren’t quick or easy, but I persevered and I can safely say now, at five and a half years sober, I wouldn’t go back.
I struggled with drinking for a long time because people didn’t associate me with alcoholism, and that made it so much harder to find help. My mission is to share my story; if it helps someone in a situation like mine, then my struggle had a purpose.
Thank you @soberme_claire for sharing your story with us

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Morning Run

Morning RunThe view of ‘my’ field today… beautiful, but a touch warm, and I thought I’d got out early enough to avoid the worst of the heat! Tomorrow I think I’ll skip the run and go for a refreshing dip somewhere instead!

Book Club

Book ClubLooking forward to chatting with @sobergirlbookclub this week about my book My Not So Secret Recovery!

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Book club meeting this Sunday! Author Claire Hatwell will be joining us!
5pm UK time and 9 am Pacific US.
We will see you there!!

Game Face

Game Face 2Game Face 1Doing things today that I would normally avoid, seeing people, going places, having conversations… but I’m getting it done, and feeling good about it. It sounds so simple, but my life has improved so much since I binned off the wine!

See the second picture for how I’m actually feeling! But I think I’m allowed to still feel a little nervous!!

The Red Faced Runner Strikes Again

Red Face Strikes AgainManaged to squeeze in my run today after it cooled down, but before the rain came! Still hot, still a red face, but as always, I felt much better when I got back in than I did before!

The Road to Recovery

Road to RecoveryThis is so true. Remember, just because someone is posting all the good stuff, doesn’t mean it’s all real, or that it’s the only way things look for them. We all have good days and bad days, people don’t often post as much about their bad days, and your journey is unlikely to look exactly the same as someone else’s. Just do what you need and take each day as it comes. Soon the days will be weeks and the weeks will be months. All that matters is you keep moving in the right direction! .As always, remember to be kind to yourselves!

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step