My Not So Secret Diary

Last Friday

Last Friday, sitting on my sofa at home in cornwall, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryLast Friday morning, I dropped my littlest at school and was driving home along the country lanes when a car shot through a stop sign at a crossroads and ploughed straight through the car in front of me. While it was undoubtedly a shock, that wasn’t the biggest thing I noticed and as I drove to work this week, along the same lanes, I realised what was different; it was me, the way I dealt with it, and how I felt afterwards. I felt like I watched the accident happen in slow motion and afterwards, I jumped out of my car to check on the occupants of the other cars. It only hit me afterwards that I was completely present and logical, clear headed because I hadn't had a drink the night before. If something similar had happened a few years ago when I’d still been drinking, it wouldn’t have been the same, and I may not have reacted in the same way. I was glad I could put myself in a place where I could help.

Having said that, having a sober mind doesn’t remove my dizzy side, as one morning this week I forgot it was rubbish day, and managed to completely run over the sacks left out for the bin men as I moved off our driveway. Yes, before you ask, I did notice the bump, but by then I was already on top of it. Obviously my mind was elsewhere…
Sobriety really does touch every area of your life, sometimes the parts you’d least expect it to, and while I was never a bad person when I was drinking, I can safely say I’m a better one now.
Take care of yourselves,
Claire x

Pink Faced Runner

Pink Faced Runner, eden half marathon, sober runners, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret Diary
I’m trialling wearing a white t-shirt instead of my usual red one today to see if that makes any difference to the redness of my face after a run. I don’t think I’m quite so red, but then maybe it’s just not so hot today! Happy Anyway, the run did the trick and my mind is much more settled than it was, sometimes the world is just so loud!!

Kids Again

Kids AgainThis is so true! When I take my five year old to the park after school, I watch him and his friends play and have fun regardless of what they’ve had to drink. Why does that change as we get older? Why do we let ourselves use substances to feel like we’re fitting in or relaxing? Sadly, rather than really feeling better, it just numbs us and we end up missing out on good experiences. •I want to be that kid again. Who’s with me? 1f496••Photo Credit @faithfullysober

More Drinks

More Drinks, mccafe iced, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryThe picture doesn’t do it justice, but this is my favourite ice drink of the summer so far… raspberry ripple iced cooler. Yum 1f60b1f970 I’m enjoyed trying them all! Any recommendations for me?


My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering, My Not So Secret Recovery, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret Diary, blogger and writer, SoberMe, Launceston Life MagazineRepost from @sobergirlbookclub•If you enjoyed ‘My Not So Secret Recovery’, by Claire Hatwell, she has also released a guide to recovery! Check it out if you are looking for some more support on your sober journey

Not Just Me

Not Just MeUm anyone else feel like this was written about them, because I do….Repost from

Launceston Life

Launceston Life, Magazine, writer and author, SoberMe, sober inspiration, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret Diary

My piece in @launcestonlifemag this month 1f496 You can read it online here -

Evening Thoughts

No RegretsThought for the evening. It’s so true!!Even though it was truthfully one of the hardest things I’ve done, I don’t regret working for my sobriety at all. Even when it’s hard, stay strong - it’s so worth it!

All Ready

Ready and Waiting for the Sober Girl Book Club to Start, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryAll ready to join the chat at @sobergirlbookclub tonight! Can’t wait to meet you all!