My Not So Secret Diary


ExerciseI find exercise hard. I guess most people do, but at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is go out for a run. Things have been hectic lately, (I’m fine, so please don’t worry), it’s just I notice it in my mind, and as I’ve said before, I get a bit scatty. So yesterday, after a bit of a cry mid shop (as you do) I went out for a run. I was heavily encouraged by my lovely husband who seems to appreciate the effect running has on me far more than I do. I used to run every day, and back before lockdown I was running half-marathons fairly easily, and I loved it, but getting out of the habit makes it harder to restart, because comparison is a pain, and you know, I used to be faster…

So, putting my past achievements to one side, I decided to start again. I’m not running for anyone other than myself, so it doesn’t matter how fast I am or how far I go. I’m not even logging it, and I used to be religious about tracking my runs on Strava. It just takes the pressure off, and brings the joy back. I’ve found my legs remember, and as I was lapping a field, my five year old positioned in the middle of it, because his legs were tired, I remembered how fun it is to be outdoors, just running. I guess for me it’s less about exercise, and more about being outdoors. I’m the same with swimming though, I could easily go to a pool, but I prefer to be in the sea, even midwinter, because it makes me feel alive. Being out in the elements soothes me in a way nothing else does, and while a lot of that is helped through running, swimming or yoga, what really makes it work for me, is where I am.
I suppose I’m saying don’t give up, make it fun and find something you enjoy, because that is what really makes a difference.

Take care of yourselves,
Claire x