My Not So Secret Diary

Last Friday

Last Friday, sitting on my sofa at home in cornwall, Claire Hatwell, author of My Not So Secret DiaryLast Friday morning, I dropped my littlest at school and was driving home along the country lanes when a car shot through a stop sign at a crossroads and ploughed straight through the car in front of me. While it was undoubtedly a shock, that wasn’t the biggest thing I noticed and as I drove to work this week, along the same lanes, I realised what was different; it was me, the way I dealt with it, and how I felt afterwards. I felt like I watched the accident happen in slow motion and afterwards, I jumped out of my car to check on the occupants of the other cars. It only hit me afterwards that I was completely present and logical, clear headed because I hadn't had a drink the night before. If something similar had happened a few years ago when I’d still been drinking, it wouldn’t have been the same, and I may not have reacted in the same way. I was glad I could put myself in a place where I could help.

Having said that, having a sober mind doesn’t remove my dizzy side, as one morning this week I forgot it was rubbish day, and managed to completely run over the sacks left out for the bin men as I moved off our driveway. Yes, before you ask, I did notice the bump, but by then I was already on top of it. Obviously my mind was elsewhere…
Sobriety really does touch every area of your life, sometimes the parts you’d least expect it to, and while I was never a bad person when I was drinking, I can safely say I’m a better one now.
Take care of yourselves,
Claire x