My Not So Secret Diary

The Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the IcebergHow true is this? How does it apply to you? I’ve always had a mask that I’ve shown to the world, first when I was anxious, then when I was drinking and then to cover up all the things I felt were my shortcomings. The thing is, my mask didn’t help, it just made other people think I was coping when I was a but of a wreck inside. Now, I’m much more upfront about how I feel and how things are for me. It’s not a weakness to not feel 100% all the time, and more people than you’d expect would understand. Trust me on that!

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Please, be kind to yourself and others. We never really know what is really going on for people around us, so it's essential to assume nothing. Stay kind and let us know how you are today?
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