My Not So Secret Diary

Secret Club

If you have kids you may have seen the ‘secret club’ episode of Peppa Pig… Or maybe you remember being in a secret club when you were a kid. I do. I also remember that I wanted to tell everyone I was in it so they’d know I was accepted. Although it was secret there was an element of trying to work out who else was in it, who was ‘like’ you, or your friend, and I guess we could tell. We had things in common. I feel like that a bit now with my not so secret club of sobriety. I’m proud to be a part of it, and yet, I often feel like I can guess who else is in it, even when they don’t announce it. Someone in the public eye opened up recently about their addiction, and it confirmed something I’d already assumed. At other times I’ve been approached by people I know who seem to have guessed about me without me saying. If you’d asked me years ago I would have said I didn’t want to be part of this club, but I was wrong; it’s a club I’m proud to be part of. It’s given me back my life, and I’m proud to be able to share exclusive membership with so many of you!