My Not So Secret Diary


One of the most important factors in my recovery is the way I looked at alcohol. How we feel about it influences how well we’ll find living without it. For instance, if we tell ourselves that we’re missing out, that life isn’t good enough without it, then that’s how it will feel, and it will be harder. Instead, if we see the positives, like the freedom we’re given without the ties of needing to drink then it becomes easier. Remembering it’s an addictive substance, not a treat helps, as does rephrasing the words we use. Personally, and there is no right or wrong, but I like alcohol free rather than tea total. There’s nothing wrong with either, but for me ‘total’ implies a limit, whereas ‘free’ clearly is what it is. The way we think influences the way we feel so keep yourself real and try not to romanticise the thing you’ve those to love without. Remember, we can drink, it’s our choice not to, and from where I am, it’s a great choice.