My Not So Secret Diary

Do I drink too much?

Claire Hatwell sober blogger and author for sobriety in Cornwall, UK inspiring and writing about shared sober experiences, soberme_claire, with Lee Hatwell
I realised something last night. Something I should probably have realised years ago… I drink more than the average person. I’m not talking about alcohol nowadays, just drinks in general. It was really noticeable yesterday at the party I went to as I watched my neighbours nurse one drink and make it last for ages, while I had several cans of coke. Now, of course I don’t drink alcohol, but back then it would have been no different. Other than the fact that I would have got drunk as the night worse on of course. Interesting isn’t it? So it is just me, or is that part of the way ‘we’ are? Are we just a thirstier bunch than those who don’t form addictions? Or am I drinking more as part of an old habit? Just thinking out loud really, but I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are!