My Not So Secret Diary

Evening Running

Last night while my little man was at Beavers, I went for a run. It seemed like a good idea, but blimey it was hot! Now it might seem strange, because I post so much on here, but as I was running back, red faced and sweaty, I felt quite embarrassed that people would see me when I picked him up. I suppose it made me feel vulnerable. I wondered if I people would judge me, mainly because I don’t feel as perfect as I think other people seem to be. The thing is, perceptions are a funny thing… I posted a video as I was chatting saying how insecure I was and one lady told me how she would have looked at me differently, thinking how cool it was that I’d managed to fit a run in. It’s so easy to be down on ourselves and sometimes we don’t see what other people see. Anyway, despite the heat, the run was great, so this evening when he was at dance class, I went out for another one!