My Not So Secret Diary


Claire Hatwell sober blogger and author for sobriety in Cornwall, UK inspiring and writing about shared sober experiences, soberme_claire
Today I am feeling grateful. Earlier our elderly neighbour bought us the most beautiful plant as a late house warming present. It was such a kind thought, and something she didn’t need to do. Then on top of that, last night there was a fire very close to our business. We could see the flames across town from our house, and the noise of tyres popping from the heat was actually what woke us up. Maybe describing a fire is a strange thing to be grateful for, but actually, I’m grateful for the fact that no one was hurt, that our community all jumped onto social media to contact other people, making sure that no one was left to find a nasty surprise this morning, and of course, I’m grateful that our business was okay. It was only half way through the day that I realised another thing to be grateful for… the fact that last night I didn’t drink, and when I needed to be, although tired (it was the middle of the night) I could be present and able to think clearly. This had the knock on effect of meaning that when I woke up, I wasn’t panicking about what I had or hadn’t done. Being sober gives me peace of mind, and of course, that is something I will always be grateful for.