My Not So Secret Diary


I was talking to my son last night, he’s 17 and has just left college. He’s just got a new job but he’s also just passed his driving test so his funds are limited… anyway, he was telling me how difficult it is to buy presents for me and his dad, as it’s fathers day here tomorrow. I told him we don’t need big gifts, but his point was that it would be easier to buy for us if we still drank because the supermarkets make it so easy to buy alcohol as presents. The aisles for Mother’s day especially always annoyed me, but until this conversation, I hadn’t really appreciated that society is brainwashing our kids into thinking special occasions equals alcohol, and that makes me sad and quite angry. I don’t know how we begin to change the way alcohol is sold and advertised, but I for one am glad I have the ability to tell my kids that drinking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. They need balance and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of that in supermarkets during celebrations. My sobriety was too hard to earn to through it away. Alcohol wouldn’t make my life any better and I’m not missing out on anything by not drinking. One day I hope the rest of the world cottons on to that too! 💖