My Not So Secret Diary

What A Funny Old Day…

What a funny old day My Not So Secret Diary
A spot of birthday cleaning at work this afternoon.

It’s my birthday today. I can’t say I was looking forward to a birthday in lockdown, but there we go, not much choice is there! And I was lucky, we managed to get out and enjoy some fresh air, in total isolation I might add, on the moor on Sunday for Mother’s Day. So it isn’t all bad.

Today I went into work, it was our last day for a while, being as it’s a family business we were hoping to keep going for as long as we can, but we are thinner on the ground. My mother and father in law were the first to go, staying at home and safe, where they should be, with one of the grandads. As well as my husband, our eldest son also works with us, so the three of us hoped we could keep going even if some of the other employees didn’t want to come in, but of course last night ‘lockdown’ was enforced. We run a bespoke manufacturing company, so we make a lot of unique projects and we can’t do it from home, well besides from some work on the computer, but all our machinery is there so we can’t run it from home.

We’ve spent so long working hard on building the business up, like so many other people have. Of course we want to be safe and to protect ourselves and the rest of the community, but it is sad to think we’ve left for the foreseeable future. I think that’s one of the hardest things at the moment, it’s just the unknown. No one knows quite what the future holds, because no one has experienced anything like this before. It’s scary, and yet, we’re all doing the right thing by staying in. I can’t say it really bothered me too much, well besides the trouble to get shopping. Last night though, it did upset me a bit, the prospect of being indoors largely for the foreseeable future worries me. I know we can go out for exercise, but I am quite an outdoorsy person. I like to be outside. It makes me feel better. My son surfs throughout the summer in the evenings after school, but that won’t be happening. All of our races have been cancelled. I can’t even take the little one to the park. Until today, we had our littlest man running around with his bike in the yard at work, because it was safe, there was no risk of contact with anyone other than ourselves, and we had already closed the gates to the public. As we closed our gates today, we lost that opportunity. We still have the garden at home, but it was nice to have such a large area to let him run safely, and be able to ride around.

I know it’s all for our own protection, but it seems a little bit overwhelming at the moment. I’m hoping by following the rules that things will get back to normal before long, but we’ll have to see. I have to say though, on the positive side, I am so grateful for my sobriety. I am grateful for having a clear mind, and the ability to see the bigger picture. So although it’s my birthday, I won’t be raising a glass tonight. Instead, I shall be having a can of coke.

Thanks as always. Take care all of you.