My Not So Secret Diary


Tea in a teapot in Launceston at a cafe writing for my sobriety blog My Not So Secret Diary by Claire Hatwell
I’m an avid tea drinker. I alway have been, but in recent years I have discovered a new love of tea.

I think for a long time, I thought it was too ‘mumsy’ to drink in the evenings. I felt it a bit boring, but that was just because I was so used to drinking wine.

It took me quite a while to get into the habit of drinking tea in the evening. It felt a bit wrong which is odd, because I drink a lot of it in the day. During my first attempt at sobriety Lee took me out and we bought a nice tea pot, some new mugs and a jug. The idea was to be able to make a nice cup of tea in the evenings, and to have things to make it a little different from in the day. The thought behind it was making it special rather than just popping a tea bag in a mug and drinking it without thinking about it. If I could make an occasion of it, so to speak, we hoped I’d drink tea instead of wine. Obviously that was a long time ago, and it didn’t work then.

Now though there is nothing I like more than a nice cup of tea. Even when it’s warm weather, like when we’ve been on holiday abroad, I still have to pop the kettle on. My family often make comments about me being slightly mad! I don’t mind though, there’s just something comforting about it.

I enjoy tea so much now that besides my ‘normal’ tea, I have an array of loose leaf teas, herbal teas, infusers and tea pots. Some people enjoy going into coffee shops and smelling the different blends, well I’m the same in a tea shop. I could be possibly likened to the kid in a sweetshop analogy! But, it’s quite an interesting habit to have.

I also enjoy going out to cafes although clearly not at the moment. It was never something I would have done before. For one, I would have been far too nervous and secondly I would have preferred a glass of wine. It’s nice not to be like that anymore, and I enjoy going out when I can, without the stress of wondering if I could get a glass of wine. There is something quite enjoyable about having a pot of tea when you’re out. I like the ceremony of it, if that makes sense, waiting for it to brew, and making it, rather than having it done for me. In fact my son Barn and I got into quite a nice routine of going out for tea together when I was pregnant with Stanley. He likes a good cup of tea too, but I think he also looked forward to the cake!

It’s quite a mindful exercise though if you do it properly. Not just making a quick cup, although I am guilty of that too! Especially in the morning before work! But if you slow down and take your time, it’s a nice grounding exercise. At least I find it to be.

I’m drinking a cup of my favourite bedtime tea as I write this. It smells gorgeous, of nutmeg and camomile. I like to think it helps me sleep but to be honest I’d probably still drink it even if it didn’t. Lee says I am a creature of habit, and it’s true, but if tea and biscuits is my worst habit now, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing! Happy

Take care, and thanks for reading.
Claire x