My Not So Secret Diary

Sober Friday Nights

Friday NightsWhen I used to drink, which was every night, I’d look for any excuse to drink more. Weekends of course were a great reason. So, it’s brilliant now, 5 years on from my last drink, when my weekends are completely different. I met up with my friends, my local flock of The Bluetits last night and we wandered down for a full moon swim at the beach. Yes it was cold, but the fun we had was second to none. Especially because we couldn’t see the waves before they hit us. Afterwards we warmed up with coffee and a chat, and I know without a doubt alcohol would not have made it any better, in fact, it would have ruined it. It would have spoiled the genuine fun we had, and of course given me a sore head this morning. Another reason I am so grateful for my sobriety! Happy Saturday everyone! 💖💖