My Not So Secret Diary

The Christmas Spirit

StreetChristmas shopping! I’m finally allowing myself to get into the festive spirit. I find this season hard, not actually because I don’t drink, although many would assume that’s the reason. It’s more that I want everything to be right and I worry that it won’t be, which makes me stress out and then guess what… things don’t go so well. We took three out of four kids shopping today, and had a lovely time. I only had one minor wobble, but it was a particularly busy shop so I’m letting myself off. I left the shop and immediately felt better so it didn’t spoil the day. It’s so nice to spend time with the kids, the older ones are so busy that we don’t do it as often as we should, but it was lovely, and I managed to buy a couple of presents which is really organised for me!

Photo for amusement purposes. My son had a good time too, despite the serious face!

Cornwall Meet Up

Cornwall Meet UpDate for your diaries! Cornwall Meet Up at Cardinham WoodsLet's meet up for a little New Year walk around the woods. Meet at 10am in the carpark.The path I intend to walk is approximately 1.7 miles, and mostly even under foot. It's not the longest path, so we can meet up without it taking up your whole day! I'm hoping to make these a regular event.The cafe should be open afterwards if anyone fancies a coffee!Wrap up warm and I'll see you there!

Alcohol Free Options

Alcohol Free OptionsSo we went food shopping today… Wow!! Marks and Spencer has such a good range of alcohol free drinks! I may have treated myself to a few to enjoy over Christmas! It’s so nice to have a range of things to choose from! #sobrietyisnotboring


InspirationYes, yes, yes!! 💖I’ve told my coaching clients on more than one occasion that you can’t stop unless you change the way you think. We’re doing this for us, so remember, we can drink, we just choose not to, and it is so much better that way! 💖

Happy Friday!

FireHappy Friday! It’s cold here today so I’ve loaded up the wood burner and I’m going to attempt to get some writing done. I’ve got a bit of a deadline, but I’m hoping I’ll have something to share with you all ready for the start of the New Year! Make sure you make some time for yourself today, even if it’s only 5 minutes. I know I’m going to try to! Have a great day! 💖💖

Bee Sober Podcast

Podcast 3

So this happened - listen now on Spotify, and you can catch up with the past episodes too if you're in need of some sober support and inspiration. Follow the link here to listen.
Podcast 2

Sober Friday Nights

Friday NightsWhen I used to drink, which was every night, I’d look for any excuse to drink more. Weekends of course were a great reason. So, it’s brilliant now, 5 years on from my last drink, when my weekends are completely different. I met up with my friends, my local flock of The Bluetits last night and we wandered down for a full moon swim at the beach. Yes it was cold, but the fun we had was second to none. Especially because we couldn’t see the waves before they hit us. Afterwards we warmed up with coffee and a chat, and I know without a doubt alcohol would not have made it any better, in fact, it would have ruined it. It would have spoiled the genuine fun we had, and of course given me a sore head this morning. Another reason I am so grateful for my sobriety! Happy Saturday everyone! 💖💖

Imposter Syndrome

My Imposter Syndrome
I’ve come to learn that even after five years of sobriety, things will come up and bite me on the arse when I’m least expecting it. Even though I’m half expecting it, it doesn’t make it any easier.

The last few weeks have been a challenge, we’ve had a lot going on at home and work, and I suppose, it’s just been a lot. We had some people over for dinner in the week, and it’s the first time in a long time that I caught myself thinking a drink would be nice. It wouldn’t, and I knew that in all honesty, I suppose it was just the idea of it. Being social for a long time for me involved wine, and with covid and not seeing people, I haven’t really had to challenge myself too much. It really wasn’t that I wanted a drink, it was just that it’s what I always would have done. It would have taken the nervous edge off, and I would have been relaxed. But, and this is the big but, that relaxed appearance wouldn’t have been me, it would have been the alcohol numbing me, and giving a false sense of relaxation that wasn’t there. Now I know I said a couple of stupid things that evening, because I have a habit of speaking without thinking, but I also know exactly what I said. I know I didn’t say anything to upset anyone and I didn’t have to worry about that the next morning which is something I’m always grateful for.

Coupled with that, a podcast episode I was interviewed for was released this week. After I recorded it I was pleased, but as the air date got closer, I worried that I’d said something wrong. I’m often afraid that I’ll get something wrong, and it does make me worry. I’m so proud to work with Bee Sober, so I’m pleased to do the podcast, but I guess it opens me up to criticism. I question whether I’m saying the right thing, and whether I should even be doing what I’m doing at all. You might ask why I still continue to put myself out there when I question myself so much, but it’s because I want to help. I remember what it was like to feel isolated, and cut off from ‘normal’ people, and I want others to know that it’s okay, that there is a way out.

Anyway, I’m feeling better today. We went out for the day yesterday, and had a lovely meal last night. Restaurants don’t trigger me funnily enough, and I had a lovely elderflower drink, which was way better than any alcohol. I finally managed to listen to my podcast last night in bed and I wasn’t horrified by anything I’d said, so that’s okay too.

I think I judge myself far more harshly than anyone else does, but I’m trying to ease up a little. Some days are harder than others, but even after a wobbly week, I wouldn’t want to go back, it’s much better being on this sober side of the fence.

Take care of yourselves,
Claire x