My Not So Secret Diary

Monday afternoon thought from my car…

Monday Thoughts
I’ve always said community really helps overcome addictions. Just the simple act of being around other people who ‘get’ us and our journey helps. I still feel this way, even 5 years into my journey, it’s not that I’m worried I’ll drink, I just seek out other like minded people who I can talk to without having to explain I don’t drink or why.
When I’m driving, I quite often pick a podcast to listen to, although I know a lot of people listen when they walk. Sometimes it’s better company than music, it can feel like you’re having a chat with friends. Some of the best one’s I’ve found are the @beesober.cic podcast, and more recently I’ve found One For The Road by @soberdave - Listening to a recent episode with his guest @unexpectedjoyof was great. It reaffirms everything I feel on the journey I’ve been on, and reminds me that I’m not alone in the way I feel.
Recovery is a journey. I’m not sure that we all reach the destination, as we are works in progress. Understanding that, and the fact that we aren’t alone is sometimes all we need to help us keep going.
I hope you’re all having a lovely day? Take care xx