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Addiction is not a Choice

Yes!! I was so pleased to see this! The more people speak out, the more I hope things will change and we will be able to face our demons without the feat of judgment.

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Addiction is not a choice and none of us are immune, the Duchess of Cambridge has said, in a taboo-busting speech to beat the "taboo and shame" that surrounds it⁠

In a landmark speech, aimed at breaking the stigma of addiction, the Duchess urged the public to try to understand the “multi-layered and complex” journey towards addiction, which has been compounded by the “devastating impact” of the Covid-19 pandemic.⁠

Echoing the mission of her late mother-in-law Diana, Princess of Wales, to change society’s attitude towards difficult, unglamorous topics, she said: “By recognising what lies beneath addiction, we can help remove the taboo and shame that sadly surrounds it.”⁠
We need to keep on banging the drum to end the stigma surrounding alcoholism and addiction.