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Freedom Racing

Freedom Racing
What a beautiful sunset!

Last night was the end of the summer. Well, the end of the summer as far as Freedom Racing's Summer Sessions go. Set from May to September these 10k races are set in stunning locations all over Cornwall, from North Coast to South Coast and in between. I didn't run all of them, but I will next year, I've already promised myself that. Mainly set on Friday nights these races are breathtaking. There is something very primal about trail running in a race. It's more than just a group running together. It feels like you are part of the pack, and with the wind blowing and the sun setting as we tore up and down the cliffs, over St Agnes Beacon and back across the beach in Porthtowan I felt so alive.

To be honest, I wish I was faster, last night was possibly my slowest 10k (it was very hilly!) But, it was stunning so maybe I didn't push myself as I would normally try to. It was only really the super fit runners at the front of the pack that could run most of the big hills which was fine with me as it gave me a chance to catch my breath. The only problem was, as I was coming back along the cliffs it started to get dark, and that, combined with being on a very uneven cliff path only slowed me down more. Coming down the last hill and across the beach to the finish line was such a relief, mainly because it meant I could see again.

What a great way to spend a Friday night. SO looking forward to next year!