My Not So Secret Diary

The Start of Running

The Start of Running
That's me at the back in the pink and black leggings!

I started running in June 2018. I’m not really sure why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I wanted to lose the dreaded ‘baby weight’ from baby number 4 and I wanted something to help my anxiety. To be honest though, I think that came afterwards and I certainly didn’t realise how much of a difference it made to my state of mind at the start. I just decided I’d do it, downloaded the C25k app and went out. At the time I was not the sort of person who felt comfortable in lycra, so I'm not quite sure how I managed it. I couldn’t even run for 1 minute back then, I mean probably not even 30 seconds and I was mortified. I knew I wasn’t super fit but until I’d had number 4 I thought I was doing okay. I was so wrong! Sweating and out of breath I managed the first few sessions, unable to do more even if I had wanted to. My husband and older kids encouraged me but I’m not sure if I let on how hard I was finding it. Other runners galloped along making it look so effortless, their hair was always great and they certainly didn't glow like I did!

Around week 5 I hurt my knee. It wasn't too bad and so I tried to push through. I thought running through it would help make me a better runner or something. What a mistake that was! It got worse and worse until I could barely climb the stairs at work! I had signed up for a 5K race as my first ever event for The Cornwall Air Ambulance. It was supposed to give me the incentive I needed to keep me going but instead I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me to achieve it and to raise the money I had promised the charity. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to run 5k, that target seemed almost unreachable to me. Eventually I gave in and repeated the week of training, twice I think in the end but suddenly something started to click. Suddenly I could do it and I began to enjoy it!

The first time I ran for 5 minutes was huge for me, and the first time I did a longer run I remember thinking it is okay, only another 8 minutes. Suddenly I realised that I had thought 8 minutes wasn't long! Such a huge difference and a milestone for me. I began to think maybe I could run longer distances, maybe, just maybe I'd be able to class myself as a runner!