My Not So Secret Diary

Our best is enough

new15Sometimes all you can do is your best. Try to let that be enough 💖

7 years!

7 years. Who knew that was possible. I’m feeling quite emotional today. Sometimes it hits me at the oddest moments, what might have been if I hadn’t changed the way things were. It was hard and unknown and scary. But… I don’t for one minute ever regret getting sober.

Last Day of the Summer

Last day of summer fun, and now school is in sight the weather brightens up! We made the most of it and played miniature golf in a maize maze and then went to the beach for some swimming and sand castle fun! What a lovely day! 💖🥰💖


Beauty is everywhere. I’ve never found such a perfect star in any apple I’ve cut before! Today has been an apple picking, blackberry gathering and pie making day with my little man and I’ve loved every minute! 🥰