My Not So Secret Diary

My Not So Secret Bookshelf (And Kindle)

I’ve always loved reading. Over the last few years I've been re-finding my love for it, reading with a clear mind is great and another benefit of being sober is that I actually remember everything I’ve read before I go to sleep at night!

When I first stopped drinking, I devoured every book I could find on the subject. I thought it might be nice to share some of them here with you. If you know of any others that are worth a read, let me know, I still like to read ‘quit-lit’ even now.

I'll be adding to this as often as I can, but I think I'm only going to be adding inspirational books otherwise I'd fill it up pretty quickly!


My Not So Secret Recovery - Claire Hatwell

51yLLdEgsSL._SY346_My Not So Secret Recovery - Claire Hatwell
Shameless plug, but you know what, this is the sort of book I would have needed to read when I was getting sober, because I would have identified with the main character. I needed that to feel like I was normal and to see that I could actually be okay again in the future.

Drink? Professor David Nutt

41mC6uJoqELDrink? Professor Nutt

I really enjoyed this book, it’s not aimed at telling you how to stop drinking but is more factual. The author is not anti-drinking, but is objective as he looks at the harms of alcohol and the way it is portrayed to society. I really enjoyed reading it.

Mrs D Is Going Without - Lotta Dann

Kick The Drink Easily - Jason Vale

Kick the Drink Easily
Kick The Drink Easily - Jason Vale
I loved this book. I didn’t like the cover, I wanted to hide it, even in the privacy of my own home, I felt it shouted out that I had a problem, and even though I clearly did, it made me very self-conscious as I wasn’t ready to announce it to the world! I read it intensely, I referred to it like a text book, and I even have lines highlighted to make me remember them. Jason tackles not only social perceptions but also clearly identified with the way I was feeling, “The main problem is that, if you sense you are in trouble with alcohol, it is seen as your weakness rather than a result of the drug itself.”
Rather than being a story, this is much more a resource to help you quit, although it does have personal accounts too. This is one of my favourites, it talks about the social acceptance we have for alcohol and why we really shouldn’t. I certainly would recommend this book to anyone needing a little bit of support, it was invaluable to me.

Sober Stick Figure

Sober Stick Figure
Sober Stick Figure - Amber Tozer
I enjoyed this book. So real, so cringeworthy in places, and yet totally honest. The author got into a few scrapes and yet, I could see her denial in a similar way to mine. It's hard to face up to things, and realise you have a problem, and Amber obviously felt that too. The drawings kept me amused all the way through too.