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My Not So Secret Diary


Hello! So I thought I’d let you all know a little bit about me.

I’ve been writing on and off for years, but I’ve never been too good at sharing my words with others. They say, (whoever they might be), that our biggest critic is ourselves, and I have to say I agree. I can read books that others have written and enjoy them, without picking them apart, but when I write something myself I find every tiny fault, even those that aren’t there.

That’s why my fiction work is all written under a pen name. I feel, rightly or wrongly, that it gives me a little more freedom to write just what I want to, without anyone knowing it’s me. Of course, I know that it is me, I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not, and I haven’t made up a character for my pen name. When I talk to you, it’s a genuine conversation, it’s just from behind a little shield that I’ve constructed for myself. Under my real name, which isn’t so different to my pen name, I write a blog where I’m very honest and open about my experiences. It’s received well, and partly I feel like that’s another reason I keep the two apart. Writing from my own experiences can’t be wrong because even though others might not agree, they are my experiences. It’s strange that sharing something, in this case stories I’ve made up, is actually harder for me than sharing the truth.

I enjoy reading so much! I can lose myself into a good book really easily and always have at least one on the go. I also have a really active imagination, so I suppose it was inevitable that one day I’d venture into writing my own books. So, on and off, alongside my blog I’ve let my fiction side release itself, and it’s so much fun. My first two books Second Chances and Playing with Fire are available now, and I’m currently working on the sequel to Second Chances. I have so many ideas for my next few books too, it would be so easy to jot them all down and get started, but I know if I do that I’ll never finish anything, so I’m trying to hold back!

I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think of my books. It’s hard to put something out there when you’ve spent so much time constructing it, but it’s awesome when you hear good feedback.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!
Hattie xx