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Why I write
I have a very busy mind. It's been worse, much worse, but as people go I know mine is constantly whirring.

It's like I need to think. Sometimes, at night after a perfectly lovely day, out of nowhere, the whirring will start. It can be nothing or at least something small, but whatever it is can set me off on a spiralling path of worry.

I’m the same with doing. I have a virtual checklist and I struggle to relax if things aren't ticked off it. It can be small things like emptying the dishwasher, or important things I actually need to do. But if they aren't done that's it! I can’t sit still or relax!

I've always had an active mind, but with it comes an active imagination. I find myself conjuring up characters and stories in my mind, watching them play out their lives in front of me. It’s almost like I know them. I’m sure although it sounds a little crazy, other authors will get what I mean. The other day I read something that sums it up perfectly, it went something like, writers aren't mad, they're inhabited, we have people in our heads that we like to make up stories about.” (Maybe it does sound a little mad?

Sometimes I feel that my writing should be more 'serious' but you know, I do that too, just not here. Sometimes whoever we are, wherever we are, we need a bit of something to make us feel good. That's why the romance category is so popular. Whatever is going on in our lives, we can escape into someone else's life, have an adventure and then come back to reality.

For me there’s nothing like escaping into a good book, whether I’m reading it, or writing it. Tell me though, what are you reading at the moment? xx