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Why food and drink?

Well, for me, wine for a long time was quite a priority in my life. Once I finally managed to kick it, it was wonderful, although hard, to find new things I liked.

Food and drink are such an important part of our lives and yet sometimes we can take them for granted. I try now to push myself out of my comfort zone, and try new things. Jus because I can.

Womankind Herbal Tea

This herbal tea from Pukka was actually chosen for me by my son Barn. We spent quite a long time looking at different tastes and he picked this one for me. It is made from wild apples, cinnamon and ginger, with no caffeine and is 100% organic.

Each tea bag is plastic free which is fantastic news for the environment! grown

A cup of this tea in the afternoon is great for relaxing you!
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Wonder Berry Green Tea

Quite possibly my favourite daytime herbal tea, from pukka this is made from acerola berry, beetroot, blackcurrant and ginger with 100% organically grown ingredients.

It's a really tasty green tea!
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Coke 2

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